Birrificio Sorrento & Friends 2017

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lunedì 14 marzo 2011

La nostra nuova brochure

Pagine interne
La Nuova Brochure del Birrificio rinnovata nella forma, nella grafica e nei contenuti. 
Si tratta di un pieghevole a tre pagine. La precedente brochure era quadrata e abbiamo ritenuto opportuno ricorrere ad una  più pratica forma rettangolare che la rendesse tascabile.
Esterno nuova Brochure
Ovviamente ciò ha comportato anche una rivisitazione della grafica, senza stravolgerla, ma prediligendo colori chiari per l'interno e scuri per l'esterno. I contenuti siamo stati felicissimi di cambiarli sia per l'introduzione della Minerva che precedentemente era solo "in arrivo" e per la grande opportunità avuta di far "vivisezionare" le nostre Birre dal professionalissimo Kuaska che ne ha curato le schede tecniche.
Un cambiamento dovuto al nostro costante impegno per migliorare, speriamo di esserci riusciti. A Voi l'ardua sentenza! Noi non ci fermeremo qua.
Vecchia Brochure

The handmade beer is made with water, malts, hops and fermented yeast. In some cases several kinds of spices are added in order to give it an aromatic touch.

It originates from a long productive working process done by hand. The first step starts with dissolving the malted sugar into hot water. During the natural filtration the wort gets purified and is freed from all its excessive impurities in order to obtain a clear and very sweet wort.

Then the hops (a twining plant that gives a tangy and bitter flavor to beer) is added and it is brought to a boil.

After a cooling period with the addition of fermented yeast, the sugar is converted into alcohol. Then the wort is transformed into tasty and sweet-scented beer. Because of the absence of preservatives, its natural fermentation and the use of first quality ingredients handmade beer can be considered a distinct, sparkling and fresh drink.

The final result of this sophisticated and delicate brewing process is the product of an original handmade beer that takes the taster back to its original recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation.

SYRENTUM   5.5% ABV    EBC 16     IBU 35

Because of its fresh and natural texture, Syrentum can certainly be regarded as delicious drinkable drink. Its clear and creamy foam leaves an impressive golden and appealing colour on the inside of the beer glass. It is definitely a refreshing drink that can quench your thirst on those long, hot and muggy days. Its elegant and refined packaging makes it possible to be served with a large variety of dishes: from tasty oyster and shellfish appetizers to fish courses (especially cod) garnished with mayonnaise, deep fried vegetables and vegetable omelettes. Thanks to its slight degree of sharpness, this beer can make a perfect match with sweet cheeses or fresh mozzarella cheese. Its fruitful taste is very similar to the Italian Spumante which can easily be drunk with many neopolitan cakes and in particular with the well known sfogliatelle filled with cream. Syrentum is a brilliant combination of dainty aromas that range from honey to tropical fruit. It also reminds us of the splendid and strong fragrance of the famous lemons that are grown in Sorrento. Since Syrentum is a genuine and enjoyable drink, it can be considered a real delight for your palate and it can be found on the table of the most highly recommended Italian restaurants.

MINERVA   6. % ABV     EBC 40     IBU 40

In spite of its rich and strong taste Minerva is a delicious and enjoyable drink. It can be an ideal match for every kind of dish. This drink definitely brings out the flavor of barbecued horse steak, pork chops and the well-know t-bone steak. It can be used as a fundamental ingredient in cooking sauces and stews and it can also be the perfect ingredient in the cooking of the famous “Carbonade flamande” (a Belgium speciality). Because of its brown colour and its creamy dark texture, Minerva makes the drinker imagine exotic settings that can remind him of the aromas of cocoa, citrius fruit and chestnut honey. One’s palate becomes wrapped up in an ecstasy of flavours that can range from dried fruit to toasted nuts that enriches the drink in its aromatic and tasty features. Thanks to its perfect balance between the richness of its malt and the fragrance of its hops, Minerva can be rated as the best browny beer in its category. It can be served with aged cheeses seasoned with celery salt, chocolate cakes or birramisù which is an appealing reinterpretation of the famous Tiramisù allo zabaione. Like its sister Syrentum, Minerva has an elegant and refined packaging that can be placed on the most highly recommended Italian restaurants.

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